Sally Byers
BIO: Sally Byers sewed her first dress at age ten, and never stopped sewing. A few years ago an afternoon workshop with Lynne Bruning on e-textiles added a new and exciting dimension to clothes, and she has been lighting up clothing and hats, both handmade and salvaged, ever since.

Experience more of Sally Byers at www.threadwitch.com/.

Disrupting Space

Why Antartctica? The environmental conditions are ideal to test cutting edge technologies and in terms of remoteness, dryness, Antarctica is an excellent analog for space missions, including Mars. And we want you to learn about all the components that we will use for this mission. Our Antarctic Project Exhibit: We will have a interactive educational activitiy for all children and adults to learn about antarctica

Nancy C. Wolfson / www.disruptingspace.com / disruptingspace@gmail.com


Chesapeake Arts Center MakerSpace
Build your own ROBOX a cardboard Robot Kit. A simple kid friendly robot that you get to build and take with you. Learn about the MakerSpace and how you can get involved. Robot builders of all ages can come a build a simple little robot out of card board

Arthur Harrison
Harrison Instruments designs quality theremins using a variety of technologies, and fabricates prototypes for both consumer-direct and OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) requirements. The theremin, named for its inventor, Leon Theremin, was introduced in the 1920s as one of the first electronic musical instruments. The owner of the company, Arthur Harrison, oversees the design and production of all Harrison Instruments theremins to provide the highest performance for cost, meeting his personal criteria for rugged, reliable and playable instruments.

Arduinophone (the programmable robotic bell playing xylophone doorbell

Jeff Levine, a member of the Baltimore Node hackerspace

I decided I wanted to try to play around with an Arduino board, so I got one along with a stepper & a servo. I didn't really have any specific project in mind at first, other than maybe something musical, and this is what I came up with for my first project that I wanted to keep very simple with only some basic stepper/servo controlling. I just started lasercutting some parts - servo drives the rack & slide / stepper strikes the xylophone bells. Again, my first Arduino project, just playing around so please don't be mean with your comments. I'm thinking about hooking it up to my doorbell, so I can change the tune when somebody rings anytime I want (and, yes, I do have too much time on my hands). For kids, though, I think it would be a good fun educational robotics project.

Paper Circuits

Explore your creative side by building artistic Paper Circuits using LEDs, copper foil, and a battery.

Harford Hackerspace
Baltimore's Harford Hackerspace is a non-profit 501(C)(3) organization whose members teach each other through group and individual projects. Each of our members have their own skills but we all share one thing in common and that is our love for science and technology. We operate out of Baltimore County in Rosedale. For more information on becoming a member, check out www.harfordhackerspace.org.

Baltimore NODE
The Baltimore Node is a member-run hackerspace where people can hack, craft, and make interesting things in a supportive and collaborative environment. This year we're bringing back the popular compressed air rocket launcher to shoot paper cardboard tube rockets and nerf darts. We'll also bring a 3D printer makerbot and also a stormtrooper. The Node sponsors regular workshops and events on a broad range of topics. Come find us at 120 W North Avenue in Baltimore or online at baltimorenode.org.

R2 DC Builders Club
R2DC is the Washington D.C. (MD, DC, PA, VA) sub group of the worldwide R2-D2 Builders Club. We exist to share information and techniques on how to build the famous Astromech droids as seen in the Star Wars movie saga. These robots are accurate replicas of the movie props, featuring sound, lights and radio control for a realistic experience. There are twelve members participating locally who have built several droids (as well as other non-Star Wars robots) that visit conventions and charity events. Our robots are made from a variety of materials and most are radio controlled. Some of our builders have been experimenting with other means of operation i.e. microcontroller, Arduino and wi-fi. The robots range from fairly simple operation (rolling, head spin and sound) to more complex functions like changing from three-legged mode to two-legged mode or having doors open and close and objects popping in and out. Our club incorporates members from all levels of expertise from novice to engineers. We enjoy sharing our experiences and learning from each other. For more information about R2DC, please visit us at www.r2dc.com.

Maryland State Police Bomb Squad
See a demo of the Bomb Robot used by the Maryland State Police Bomb Squad.

Lego Rubic Cube Solver

Demonstration of a Rubic Cube Solver buit by a 9 year old robot builder and some other cool robots. A father and son team who love to explore and curious about everything.

The Baltimore SDIY Group
Electronic Music & sound effects provided by Logan Mitchell Sr. of the Baltimore SDIY Group: The Baltimore SDIY Group.

Neil Feather

Magnapooters: a free-spinning 5 inch flywheel with arranged magnets spins past a magnetic switch. The switch closes a circuit sending a 9vdc. pulse directly to a speaker or an amplifier The speakers are modified with resonant tubes or objects to change the sound.

Vibrowheel: Small motors generate audio signals as they spin past guitar pickups. Free-spinning flywheels are mounted with different arrangements of vibrators. The motors generate an audio signal as they spin past the guitar pickups. The position of the pickups can be changed to determine the timing of the cycle. Centrifugal force and doppler effects are evident in the sounds.

Angie, Wes & Nathanael Wortman Family Makers

We are a family of Makers. At our booth, you will see the mom with her Husquvarna Viking Topaz 20 Embroidery Machine that makes fashion paper dolls; the son with his Afinia 3D printer, which will be making a Robot Whistle army; and the electronics enthusiast dad with his microcontroller robots and blinking LED projects.


Don't forget to visit us! We will be more than happy to tell you about the exciting things we do! The Unallocated Space will have a variety of friendly demonstrations and FREE projects for all ages! We will also be raffling an exciting kid friendly Electronic Project Kit for $1 donation per ticket. All proceeds will be split with the National Electronics Museum and Unallocated Space.


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