Snapology Snapology

Snapology of Baltimore Washington opened it's doors the fall of 2013 to Howard County's first ever  LEGO®  themed Discovery Center, home to Model Building and Robotics Classes, MOMS Morning Out, Preschool Classes, Home school classes,Birthday Parties, Holiday & Summer Camps, Parents Night Out,  and Open Lego® Lab. Snapology is a fresh and FUN way of approaching science, technology, engineering and math!  We get excited about learning, and we are experts at making it fun for children of all ages!  Our Discovery Center focuses on exploratory learning in a fun-infused environment!  In addition, our programs help children develop social skills through partnering and teamwork. 

Mid-Atlantic IP Network, MAIPN Mid-Atlantic IP Network, MAIPN

A modern, high speed, computer compatible network for amateur radio and the community 

MAIPN is a non-profit organization developing best practices for broad-band amateur IP networks and is a leader in adapting commercial WiFi networking for the benefit of the community. MAIPN networks have been used for video streaming, audio streaming VoIP, Video over IP, providing web servers and redundant internet access to EOCs, remote operation of HF radios and more. MAIPN nodes have been deployed in over 60 locations. Each location is connected with 5 GHz Ubiquiti radios. 

Jessica Searfino Jessica Searfino

Jess is a CAD Designer and Additive Manufacturing specialist from Baltimore, MD.  In 2015, she completed her BFA degree in Interdisciplinary Object Design at Towson University. Her extensive CAD training supplemented with hands on experience working with a family of 3D printers has lead her to collaborate with professionals in Industrial Design, Fashion and Medical fields. 

This year, she will have videos working on industry level Additive Manufacturing machines and extracting 3d prints. As well as lots of examples of her own 3D printed work. 

Logan Mitchell Sr Logan Mitchell Sr with bot

My robot is called RoverBot 2013 because I started the project in 2013. My idea for this project was to build a robot that utilizes a dual-propulsion system which will be four-wheeled & quadrapedal or hexapedal motion-capable. The purpose of this dual-propulsion system is to give the robot the capability to travel along smooth & semi-smooth surfaces via wheeled propulsion & to also travel on rougher surfaces as necessary by automatically switching over to a quadrapedal or hexapedal propulsion system. It currently has two servo-controllable "arms" front & rear, each with an up/down motion, and a gripping claw capability. More features will be added in the future.

Maryland Experimental, Electronic and Electroacoustic (MD3E ) MD3E

Maryland Experimental, Electronic and Electroacoustic   (MD3E ),   is more the expression for an idea than any kind of formal organization.  The goal is to promote and present performance`s of  interesting and intriguing music by musician`s from Washington, Baltimore and elsewhere.   Our primary yearly event is held at and with the support of  N.E.M., usually in november.  Each year has been fascinating and this year promise`s to be  more of the same.   We look forward to it !

The National Capital Radio & Television Museum The National Capital Radio & Television Museum

The National Capital Radio & Television Museum collects, preserves, and interprets artifacts, programming, and publications to educate the public about the development and impact of electronic media.

We will be constructing kazoos and looking at the frequency and amplitude they can create. For younger kids, we will have a coloring activity.

Jiwon Yoon Light-up Clothing

A studend of MICA interested in the interaction between human and device. "So, I create works which react to human's force and sound." This project is sense art. These days, touching and feeling with hands becomes unobserved as technology improves and visual components become dominant. Therefore, this project provides the opportunity to experience sense art by using sense stimuli such as texture, sound and light. We use natural materials such as ceramics and pebbles to create ocean feeling. Through this work, viewers can imagine their own imaginary landscape based on their sensory experience.

Richelle Vargas Facial movement + Kinect piece

Conversation II is a participatory experience between one person and a sculpture. When a person moves in a certain way, the sculpture of the face comes alive and changes its expression. The interaction continues as long as the person keeps changing poses or keeps moving - causing the face to strike different expressions each time. This is occurs with the use of a skeleton tracking, motion sensor and motors. An XBox Kinect sensor captures the motion of the person, and sends that information to servo motors behind the silicone face.

Nova Labs Nova Labs

Nova Labs is a nonprofit MakerSpace located in Reston, Virginia. We provide the space and tools to grow a community where enthusiastic collaborators of any skill level can converge to make things.

Our vision is to empower everyone to rediscover the joy of making things.

DC Area Drone User Group DC Area Drone User Group

The DC Area Drone User Group (DC DUG) is an organization for amateur and professional drone users that seeks to promote the responsible use of flying robots for community service, artistic, entrepreneurial, and recreational purposes. All experience levels are welcome. We get together as a community to share tips, experiences, and of course to do some flying. We work to educate ourselves about how to build and use drones in a safe and respectful manner and to educate the public about the positive role aerial robotics can play in our society. Most importantly, we think that flying robots are a lot of fun!  

Come experience the joy of flying robots with the DC Area Drone User Group at Robot Fest 2015!


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