Virtual Reality Simulator

Anne Arundel Community College At Arundel Mills

Raymond F. J. Bosse

STEM Technical Administration Specialist



Virtual Reality

Experience Virtual Reality by the Linthicum Community Library

Anne Arundel County Public Library

Baltimore SDIY Group

Synth Robot Sounds and special effects by:

Logan Mitchell Sr
Keith Sinzinger
Andy Currie
John Saint John
Dave Vosh

Ring launcher / Induction Power

Ring launcher was built that can lift a triple AA battery size aluminum flashlight body.  Will also demonstrate electromagnetic induction power transmission.

Ed Lovell


3D Spherical "Perplexus" Puzzle

My project is using a laptop PC to send messages to a Picaxe micro-controller which in turn drives a pair of stepper motors. The motors turn a frame that holds a 3D spherical "Perplexus" puzzle. The object is to manipulate a steel ball through a series of ramps and rails contained inside the hollow clear plastic sphere which comprise the puzzle.

HacDC HacDC Logo

HacDC is proud to participate in the Robot Fest 2017!! HacDC is a community organization in Washington, D.C. devoted to collaboration in the creative use of technology. Founded in 2008 by a diverse group of engineers, artists, and hobbyists, HacDC hosts free and open activities to share knowledge, skills, and ideas. A combined meeting space and workshop is stocked with specialized tools and supplies useful for the collaborative development of technological and artistic projects.

Digital Harbor Foundation Digital Harbor Foundation Logo

A space for youth... learning!

FIRST FIRST Robotics Progression of Programs

FIRST Robotics Progression of Programs.  For students aged 6-18, it’s the hardest fun you’ll ever have. For team Mentors, Coaches, and Volunteers, it’s the most rewarding adventure you’ll ever undertake. Come and learn about FIRST robotics!

Logan Mitchell Sr Logan Mitchell Sr with bot

My robot is called RoverBot 2013 because I started the project in 2013. My idea for this project was to build a robot that utilizes a dual-propulsion system which will be four-wheeled & quadrapedal or hexapedal motion-capable. The purpose of this dual-propulsion system is to give the robot the capability to travel along smooth & semi-smooth surfaces via wheeled propulsion & to also travel on rougher surfaces as necessary by automatically switching over to a quadrapedal or hexapedal propulsion system. It currently has two servo-controllable "arms" front & rear, each with an up/down motion, and a gripping claw capability. More features will be added in the future.

Maryland Experimental, Electronic and Electroacoustic (MD3E ) MD3E

Maryland Experimental, Electronic and Electroacoustic   (MD3E ),   is more the expression for an idea than any kind of formal organization.  The goal is to promote and present performance`s of  interesting and intriguing music by musician`s from Washington, Baltimore and elsewhere.   Our primary yearly event is held at and with the support of  N.E.M., usually in november.  Each year has been fascinating and this year promise`s to be  more of the same.   We look forward to it !


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