R2 DC Builders Club R2 DC Builders Club

R2DC is the Washington D.C. (MD, DC, PA, VA) sub group of the worldwide R2-D2 Builders Club. We exist to share information and techniques on how to build the famous Astromech droids as seen in the Star Wars movie saga. These robots are accurate replicas of the movie props, featuring sound, lights and radio control for a realistic experience. There are twelve members participating locally who have built several droids (as well as other non-Star Wars robots) that visit conventions and charity events. Our robots are made from a variety of materials and most are radio controlled. Some of our builders have been experimenting with other means of operation i.e. microcontroller, Arduino and wi-fi. The robots range from fairly simple operation (rolling, head spin and sound) to more complex functions like changing from three-legged mode to two-legged mode or having doors open and close and objects popping in and out. Our club incorporates members from all levels of expertise from novice to engineers. We enjoy sharing our experiences and learning from each other. For more information about R2DC, please visit us at www.r2dc.com.

Baltimore NODE Baltimore NODE

The Baltimore Node is a member-run hackerspace where people can hack, craft, and make interesting things in a supportive and collaborative environment. This year we're bringing back the popular compressed air rocket launcher to shoot paper cardboard tube rockets and nerf darts. We'll also bring a 3D printer makerbot and also a stormtrooper. The Node sponsors regular workshops and events on a broad range of topics. Come find us at 120 W North Avenue in Baltimore or online at baltimorenode.org.

R/C Combat Tanks R/C Combat Tanks

The R/C Tank Combat hobby is dedicated to the battling of radio-controlled large-scale models of tanks, armored cars and artillery. All combat is waged using standard, readily available paintball equipment, allowing realistic and safe tactical battles.

Harford Hackerspace Harford Hackerspace

Baltimore's Harford Hackerspace is a non-profit 501(C)(3) organization whose members teach each other through group and individual projects. Each of our members have their own skills but we all share one thing in common and that is our love for science and technology. We operate out of Baltimore County in Rosedale.

Searfino Studio Searfino Studio

Jess is a 3D Modeler and designer completing a BFA degree in Interdisciplinary Object Design at Towson University. She has interned as a designer with The Object Lab of Towson University where she’s worked closely with a family of 3D printers(and even built her own). Her internships have placed her on projects such as award design, signage fabrication and a collaboration with the Corcoran College of Art. Computer aided design programs help her explore the narrative elements in her work that she draws from her personal experiences. When Jess is not working, she enjoys visiting hackerspaces and dancing in her car.

Lego Combat Robots - Creghton Kinney Lego Combat Robots

Creghton will be showing the Lego NXT battle bots using Wii remote Control! These robots use bluetooth technology to communicate with a laptop computer. Come by and drive these robots! Also see a interactive hacking simulation.

International R/C Warship Combat Club International R/C Warship Combat Club

Founded in 1978, the International R/C Warship Combat Club, Inc. (IRCWCC) is the original organization dedicated exclusively to promoting safety, good sportsmanship and fun in the hobby of radio controlled semi-scale model warship competition. Battery operated 1/144 scale models of warships which operated between 1905 and 1946 are constructed by members. They are equipped with CO2 gas powered cannons and maneuver in mock battles as they attempt to damage or sink their opponents.

Arthur Harrison Arthur Harrison

Arthur Harrison is the president and CEO of Harrison Instruments, Inc., a Maryland-based company that designs and manufactures electronic systems for 

a wide range of applications, including consumer articles for electronic music. Mr. Harrison has over 40 years of experience with electronic music, and has performed 

on theremin for 20 years. His work appears on numerous audio recordings and sound tracks, and he is considered one of the world's technical authorities on 

the theremin, with his circuit designs implemented by electronic music enthusiasts, world-over.

He is pleased to join the 2015 Robot Festival at the National Electronics Museum today to display some of his theremin instruments, and give visitors an opportunity to experience playing this unusual instrument.

St. Philip Neri Technology Club St. Philip Neri Technology Club

St. Philip Neri Catholic School is a co-ed elementary and middle school with grades from Pre-K(4) through eight located in Linthicum, Maryland just minutes from downtown Baltimore.

The St. Philip Neri Technology Club will be demonstrating their autonomous Robot Sumo Wrestling. These students in 4th-8th grade have completed projects in digital photography, digital music, movie making, and Lego NXT Robotics. These robots are NOT remote controlled. Once the students hit go, its every robot for themselves... itself... well you get it...! Sponsored by St. Philip Neri Catholic School

Club 125 Club 125

At Club 125 Explore and interact with the microelectronic and robotic creations of the engineers from Club125, the Greenbelt Community Makerspace.

Can you solve a Rubik's cube faster than our robot?
Want to learn how to create a pirate radio?
Stop and ask how you can create a Makerspace in your community.


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